sona valliappa group

Sona Valliappa Group

A multi-million dollar group, Sona Valliappa ventures into Education, Skill, Textiles, IT, BPO, Infrastructure, Real estate, Plantation, Sports and Entertainment and special purpose machine from the early 1920s. The famous Sona Towers, the head office of the group, is the birth place of IT industries in Bangalore, India.

Having education institutions in its fold, the group is driven through research and development and is developing rocket science technology with ISRO. Its special purpose vehicle division, namely, the Sona Star, is proposed to launch environment friendly, cost effective, automation, simplifying the process for the services, agriculture and renewable energy sectors.

Sona Group is built over a century under the leadership of philanthropist Shri Karmuttu Thiagarajar Chettiar at Madurai, India . It was in his house, the great Mahatma Gandhi changed the way he clothed from an English outfit to what we know and see as Gandhiji today.

Our strengths are,
commitment to growth through customer, product focused output, creating value for each one of the employees, bringing in ease of doing business, creating a future for 1000s of  young Indians year on year, skilling lakhs of people and creating special purpose machines to the needy. All these aim at making the world a better place to live in.


sona towerabdul kalam

The Missile man at Sona.