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Sona Valliappa Group- has a unique history where 2 of India's mile stone changes have been associated with us.

  1. Our Founders followed the steps of our Father of our Nation Mahatma Gandhi who had changed the way of dressing from English man outfit to simple khadi clothing. This has been archived  in our founders factory in 60 west, Masi street, Madurai -Tamil Nadu (South India)
  2. The IT revolution began at the famous Sona Tower, Miller Road, Bangalore back in 1983-84, where Texas Instruments had set up here as India‚Äôs 1st IT Company.

Telephone regulatory Authority C-dot was born in Sona Tower .The regulatory body of Information Technology were mandatory to continue the bandwidth through TCPIC model first began at the VSNL and so was ABB India.

ABB - The Chairman Mr Shenoy and Mr Arun Thyagarajan & present Mr Sanjeev Mishra were all grown and being part of Sona Family.
Our uniqueness has been that we are the most dynamic Education brand in the Country after the IITs. Our institution has over 10000 students spread over 60 different labs and focuses different areas such as Mechanical, Mechatronic, Electronic, Electrical, IT Civil apart from Bio Tech under the banner Sona College of Technology.

The Thiagarajar Polytechnic College is amongst the top 3 Diploma Institution in the Country, training & skilling young budding diploma Engineer for the future.
Our Faculty numbers over 200 PhD work on academics  & R&D .Our 36 center of research is the most well connected to the Industry as last 5 years the Sona Group has won 16 awards from AICTE from CII as the best industry linked technical Education Institution. 

From 2003-04 we have been working closely with ISRO and have launched many rockets, satellite where Sona BLDC motors are still in use and are still in orbits.

The research from the sky continues deep down under the sea where our motors are used for Sub marine Technology NIOT (National Institute of Ocean technology).

Our Industry connect goes beyond research as we have excellent source rate working with Company like Taegutec, JSW  and many other where our Nano lab, Civil structure lab and other are closely working on applied research.

It is but obvious that we are in the right path as the above mentioned brands are World class and our relationship with all contains long term. With the build up of quick growth with Industry exposure and seamless transformation from a student to a Corporate, Entrepreneurship is the core objective of today India. Sona brings Industry run Education Institutes has created a platform for large organisation like yours who can benefit immensely. As Sona is the 1st college to focus on sectorial placement and also focused on multi linguistic engineer. Our process re-engineering ability acts as a bridge and a business enabler for Industry service & agri sector.

SONA STAR- Scientific, Technology, Automation, Robotic 
is built to enable rapid growth and make in India services the most important area focuses today is creating a talent pool who are ready  with Job focusing under Education 4.O.

Our  focus being  on RAM - Robotics, Automation & Mechanization,  the experts with over 2 to 3 decades of experience are mentoring 100's & 1000's of students who will become enabler of Technical for the 3 sector mention above. A mixed of experienced youngsters will be a driving source of growth.

Business enablers over the process of being a back end company SonaStar also proposed to become Business enablers for the new India as "Today new India is shared India".

After the Uber model the co works space we all know how 36 km road have built where CAPEX is becoming OPEX. SonaStar can bring new business to company like yours where the investment is done by leasing /rental model to a marketing solution which Sona would offer.  

The focus has been STEMS and we would be open & include in creating value working with partner like you and 100's of small companies who we can bring in solution for better India with dynamic growth by doing the point 1 & 2 we will enable 1000's of future youngster across State of Tamil Nadu & Karnataka.

Sona STAR incubated in Sona College of Technology

Contact :

Sona College of Technology, Junction main Road, Salem - 636 005.

+ 91 427 4099999

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