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STAR - Scientific, Technological, Automation, Research / Remote ("Making life easy")

2018 is the year a new division of the Sona Valliappa Group came into existence focusing on innovative sector based special purpose vehicles to make life easy for the needy. The back ground and base being built through research and innovation, and the design to product being built by Industry experts with over 35 years of experience in top companies, we believe in making the brand Sonastar an Indian brand competing and creating a special bench mark compared to products from Japan, and Germany in terms of quality or China in terms of pricing. Our products would be second to none and would be proud Make in India concept which would serve, assist and build both rural and urban India.

The Sona Star products are unique, special, cost effective and would have special equipment, tools for special purposes which will increase the efficiency by reducing time, effort and money. This would also enable faster and accurate outcomes in the areas of agriculture, renewable energy and services.

The Sona Star DC to DC division would offer a turnkey solution to enable direct current from Solar on to devices which run on DC. This special patented technology would save the conversion loss which can be up to 40%, for example, your mobile phones , servers would charge much faster.

There are 3 different capacity models which we offer now the 300,600,900 SS and they would be available in the brands Surya & Urbana
The speciality of Sona Star DC to DC is

  • There is no power loss in converting from DC to AC
  • The power generated through solar is directly fed into the system

During cloudy and rainy days the power required would be enabled through a blended hybrid system which would take the solar power first and then take only the required grid power.
Being hybrid systems, the power cost would be a major saving factor.

The green energy can also be used into a 24/7 system which would mean that the number of systems would increase along with a battery backup for the night time use.

The hybrid system is easy to maintain and convenient as there are no manual changes required and the system decides and controls the amount of grid power required after taking the solar power first.

Would work during the day time only under the sunlight. This would mean you need not pay power cost during the day and have the best quality without any loss from the solar generated power source. This would also mean that the solar power would be available from 300 Wp to 900 Wp. The advantages of this system are:
Available and affordable solution for small housing in remote areas
A simple and easy solution for agriculture, rural electrification, plantation
A simple solution for servers, laptop, mobile phone chargers, fans, tube lights which are specially designed and offered by Sona Star

A solar solution which would made available

UTBT (Up to bedtime, 6am to 10pm) clock

24/7 clock DAN - (Day & Night) The DAN model would eliminate small UPS and would serve as a solar support system (3S). In this system, you will not only be saving the huge investments in UPS but would also be saving on the power generation which is almost free. An ideal solution for

  • Urban houses which use small computers, servers, laptops, etc.
  • CCTV networks
  • Emergency lighting for TV, fridge and other electronics (with minor change to your gadgets)
  • A solar UPS solution for your computer servers especially for small requirements.

The DAN system can also be made gridless entirely, especially, for small requirements, and in remote areas, this would mean that there would be no power from the grid required to give you a 24 hour power supply. Therefore, you can avoid,
Distribution boards
Panel boards

As you see on the diagram, the solar power generated during the day is stored and made available from much longer period. This would be customised based on the requirement and space available for solar panel and special batteries. 


Sona STAR incubated in Sona College of Technology

Contact :

Sona College of Technology, Junction main Road, Salem - 636 005.

+ 91 427 4099999

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