SONASTAR promoted by Sona Valliappa Group under the guidance of Mr Thyagu Valliappa & Mrs Seetha Valliappa in the year 2020.

Born out of the necessity of a cure/ preventive alternative medicine for Covid-19.

Knowing that “Prevention is better than cure” in its literal sense and having understanding of the Ayurvedic system of medicines Mr & Mrs Thyagu Valliappa ventured into Research & Development of products which will increase the immunity in humans( as Corona strikes hard at people with low immunity) and a product which will prevent the virus from spreading in the human body.

The two products zeroed on after many trails and errors and mixing & matching ingredients to arrive at the right formula are:

MORINGA POWDER SOUP- Solar dried special ingredients for boosting immunity.

SVSITA INHALANT POWDER - As most of the virus enters through Eyes, Nose & Mouth and attacks the throat & lungs in its first phase, Svsita inhalant powder when inhaled under steam kills the virus in its infancy and clears your nose & lungs.