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Sonastar is a part of the Sona Valliappa Group of Companies, being in business since 1938 in various sectors like: Textile, Education, Plantation, IT, Warehousing, Real estate & Construction, Logistics, Sports & Entertainment, Naturopathy.

We are now in the process of starting our Sona Medical College of Naturopathy and Yoga in Salem. SonaStar is in the business of manufacturing natural products for general consumption and medical ailments. We have tried to contribute towards increasing the immunity and create preventive medication for Corona through our Moringa soup powder and Svsita steam inhalant powder. These products have a big role in increasing immunity and preventing ailments. Our Svsita steam inhalant powder has helped more than 125 people to come out of Corona symptoms.



Sona SvsitaSona Svsita - Inhalant PowderFusion Natural Health Clinic, Wanaka

Breathing is the only activity which is done from the time you born. As a human the importance, given for this activity is practically unnoticed. It is the subconscious action which get affected during flu, cold, cough and upper respiratory track infections. Svsita is a product develop to streamline these infections with the mix of herbs and spices like pepper, lemon, betal leaves etc. Our product designed for simple and immediate relief, the solution giving positive results and effectively tackling, respiratory infections.

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While other systems of medicine treat the symptoms of the disease, the Naturopathy system of medicine adopts a more holistic approach

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